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Mellifluous Monday: Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

♪♫ I sincerely hope you were singing along to that! ♪♫

Ok, I should probably heed my own advice, and actually start at the beginning, so;
Hi! I’m Sas (or you might know me as Squishy133) and I’m a new author here at ‘The Melody Blog’. I have my own blog called Tea Mouse where I write book reviews, but I’ll be posting here as of a Monday. You may see other occasional posts by me on other days, but Monday is my special day, so look out for posts then!

Alrighty, let me tell you a bit about myself. Hmm. Well, I’m 17 and I live in Australia, and as of now I have two terms of school left before I head out into the big wide world of University. And I’m actually quite petrified.
I love to read (as you can see from my blog) and I also spend quite a lot of time writing. I write mainly short stories, though I have a few longer works in progress (maybe I will try to publish them one day, though they are no where near good enough yet) and of course, I love to blog. 🙂

I started out blogging way back in the days of Club Penguin (ok, so it’s still running and all, but I’m referring to the golden age here…) and since then have had several blogs that centered around Club Penguin, as well as a RL blog and finally, my new love, a book blog.
I thoroughly enjoy blogging and have met so many fantastic people through wordpress that I really have no idea what I will do with all my time when I’m a granny and am far too old to be blogging (let’s not think about that…).

Anywho. What else can I tell you about myself? I do several subjects at school including English Advanced, General Maths, Ancient History and History Extension, Industrial Technology Multimedia and French Beginners. I enjoy most of my subjects, most of the time, though I hate maths with a passion. That would explain why I’d love to persue a career in Editing – a completely English based field! Ideally, I’d be an author, but I doubt I have enough money to do that at the moment.

Spiders and some bugs can turn me into a quivering mess, yet I love heights. I am addicted to being in the dark and I love small spaces. I’m germaphobic, and wash my hands 5 bajillion times a day (and I like to invent words), and am a horse rider. I have two dogs (Bindi and Chester) who are my replacement children because I detest kids with a passion. I’m an epic pessimist with a tendency to cheer people up with optimistic quotes.
I am a complete sci-fi and fantasy nerd (if you can name it, I’ve probably seen it – excluding star wars (don’t hate me for it!) and I’m not sure I’d survive if the world didn’t have Chai Lattes in it.

If you would like to know anything else about me, there should be a contact page up soon with my name all over it. 🙂 Feel free to chat to me there, or to pop over to my blog and say hello. 😀

So, now that you know almost enough to stalk me (well, perhaps not stalk…but I guess you could virtually woo me if you so chose…) I’ll tell you a bit about what I’m going to be doing here at ‘The Melody Blog’.
My segment is going to be called ‘Mellifluous Mondays’. Why, you may ask?
Well; Mellifluous, if you don’t already know, means ‘pleasing to the ear’ (ok, so it also means ‘of the consistency of honey, smooth and flowing’, but we’ll stick to the other definition. But, you see, because of my love of strange words and because this is the Melody Blog, we might as well have a segment that is in some way related to melodies. Thus, we have Mellifluous Monday.

As to what will be featured on my Mellifluous Mondays, well, that’s another story….

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t really worked that out yet, because it will be a mixture of bits and bobs and whosits and whatsits and all the other things that Ariel mentions in that song from the Little Mermaid.

So, until I actually decide what I’ll be throwing into the  now regular Mellifluous Monday, have a fantastic week. I have a feeling I won’t have access to a computer next Monday because I’ll be chilling it on the sunny beaches of New Caledonia for a week, but we’ll see.

Nice to meet you all,

– Sas

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  1. April 7, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    Hey cool post. I had no clue about Mellifluous. 😀 That’s cool. Thanks for posting. Sorry this is short I gotta go. 😉

  2. April 8, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    Cannot wait for more of your posts, Squishy! Will check out your book blog later. 😉

  3. April 10, 2010 at 12:24 AM

    Nice to meet you too, Squishy ;]
    Lol at the picture.

  4. April 18, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    Thats ok. I’ve just finished the second post, so it’ll be up soon! And please, remind me to send you that bio stuff for your about page – school is starting tomorrow and with all the fuss I am BOUND to forget.

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