CP Mission #7 Walkthrough

-Play Club Penguin-

-The Walkthrough-

1. Start by clicking on Gary and listening to what he says.

2. Click the screen that shows the snow forts.

3. You will see Herbert and his crab breaking apart the clock. Now click out of that screen and listen to Gary again.

4. Go over to the three boxes on top of each other, you need a code to get in. (See the lock by clicking on the box.)

5. Go back to Gary and tell him you need the electromagnet 3000. Go back to the box and put in the code. The password is key spelled in the PSA code. Put the electromagnet in your inventory.

6. Go get the inner tube from the gadget room.

7. Go to the ice burg and use the magnet to get the spring in the water.

8. Now go to the beach and get the snow bucket. Fill it up with snow from the Snow Forts.

9. Go to the town and talk to the penguin with a propeller cap. Take the picture of the gear from the penguin.

10. Go to the dock and talk to the two penguins. Then play the snowball game and hit the target correctly. Give them the tube as a replacement.

11. Go to the pizza parlor and receive the music sheet by the piano.

12. Now enter the stage and put the music notes on the piano. Play the correct notes by putting the music notes on the stand.

13. Exit the piano stand. Give the puffle the picture of the gear and bucket of snow. He will make a sculpture.

14. Now take the gear to the gadget room. Put the snow crank on the test chamber and pull the lever. Use the snow button to freeze it. Do the same thing with the spring this time use the fire button.

15. Go to the snow forts. Talk to the orange penguin and put the clock back together again.

16. Listen to what the people have to say. Receive your metal and gift. You’ve saved the day agent!

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