Hey Sorry Guys P:

April 23, 2010 8 comments

hello. im not in the proffessional blogging mood. im actually no into even ‘professionally’ blogging anymore. this whole 24/7 kinda updating website/blog thing here is getting boring and untrue about myself. plus a waste of my free time. so i am soon making a 100% me blog later. im keeping this blog up but dont consider this quitting. its a major ‘change’ lolz. so sorry to everyone who seemed to like this site but didnt it get boring after a while? to me it would. so ill just be creating a new and creative me blog this week. thank you. sorry squishy but idk what to do with you now. 😦 i cant really put u on my me blog cuz it’s a “ME” blog. lol. so uhm i suggest u do stuff on this site n ill give it to you or u can make a “YOU (squishy)” blog. 😉 k sorry.

im bored n listening to sum 41. best band eva. plus sum soda. O.o lol sorry

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Mellifluous Monday: Get Cultured!

April 18, 2010 2 comments

Hey there,

Well, I’m back for my second ‘Mellifluous Monday’ post and this time I thought, in light of my recent cultural experience, that I would talk a bit about different ways of life.

Now, if you didn’t already know, I have just arrived back in my native Sydney after a well spent week in New Caledonia – which is part of the French Republic – learning French and immersing myself in the vastly different Noumean society.
If you don’t know much about New Caledonia, you can find out some quick information on the first account of my trip, here.

However, rather than telling you what I did like I have been doing over at Tea Mouse, I’m going to tell you my opinions on how life is so amazingly different everywhere you go, and how you may not even have realised it.
OK, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m a seasoned traveler; I’ve only ever been to two countries (New Zealand and New Caledonia) besides Australia; but when visiting the latter, something dawned on me: wherever you go, life is experienced just a little bit differently than what you are used to.

When I started out my adventures in New Caledonia, I had begun by thinking that it would pretty much feel like a warmer, less populated and poorer version of Sydney.
In that assumption, I could not have been more wrong.
What I hadn’t factored into my stereotyped view of NC, was that the people, the language, the expressions and body language, heck, even the atmosphere were entirely different to that of Sydney.

I’m really not sure if I’m explaining this well, but what I intended on telling you, is that when you visit a country so entirely different to your own, you realise something that probably wasn’t all that clear before. Truly, by visiting NC, a feeling dawned on me that not everyone experienced life in the same way as me.
For instance, if you’ve ever been to Sydney, you may have noticed that people, in general, will keep to themselves. You don’t get spontaneous ‘hellos’ on the street, and it is sporadic indeed to experience total strangers willing to have a chat with you in a random place. In NC, however, things are very different. I often found myself walking down the street and waving or being on the receiving end of a friendly ‘bonjour’ from a complete stranger. People would drive down the street and honk at you – not in the crude manner I was accustomed to in Sydney, but out of greeting. If you were a tourist, it didn’t matter. They would openly engage in conversation with you even if it was through a mixture of broken English muddled in with even more broken French.

I was also stunned at how crazy their drivers are. OK, so not a major factor in my cultural exchange, but it was amazing to see how driving styles differ over so little distance. They drive on the other side of the road (not so much of a big deal), but they are literally speed demons! They see a zebra crossing, and they speed up. Unlike Sydney, where if you see a person on said zebra crossing you slow down immediately, cars seem to take precedence in NC and they will hardly take the time to slow down for pedestrians.

There are, of course, many more things I could tell you about how these two cultures differ; such as how on a bush walk in protected forest the guide was happy to chug away on his cigarette, or how the people are so open that within minutes of meeting them they will tell you that you are the epitome of beauty, despite the language barrier. But what I really want to tell you, though it is so hard to express unless you have experienced it yourself, is that nobody lives their life the exact same way as anyone else. Even over such a small distance, the entire atmosphere of the culture is vastly differing to my own.

It really makes you appreciate how individual and special your own culture is. This trip has also inspired me to travel. I now have plans to visit other cultures throughout my life, and the list of places I wish to visit is rapidly growing. America (at the end of this year, hazahh!), Paris and Italy, Britain, Japan and China, Fiji, Germany, India and possibly Africa one day.
Of course, I need to save up quite a stash of cash first. 🙂

So please, I implore you, if ever you are afforded the chance to step out of your comfort zone and visit another culture, don’t let homesickness or a language barrier confine your senses. Get out there and see all that our world has to offer.
You only get one chance.

– Sas

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Mellifluous Monday: Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

April 5, 2010 4 comments

♪♫ I sincerely hope you were singing along to that! ♪♫

Ok, I should probably heed my own advice, and actually start at the beginning, so;
Hi! I’m Sas (or you might know me as Squishy133) and I’m a new author here at ‘The Melody Blog’. I have my own blog called Tea Mouse where I write book reviews, but I’ll be posting here as of a Monday. You may see other occasional posts by me on other days, but Monday is my special day, so look out for posts then!

Alrighty, let me tell you a bit about myself. Hmm. Well, I’m 17 and I live in Australia, and as of now I have two terms of school left before I head out into the big wide world of University. And I’m actually quite petrified.
I love to read (as you can see from my blog) and I also spend quite a lot of time writing. I write mainly short stories, though I have a few longer works in progress (maybe I will try to publish them one day, though they are no where near good enough yet) and of course, I love to blog. 🙂

I started out blogging way back in the days of Club Penguin (ok, so it’s still running and all, but I’m referring to the golden age here…) and since then have had several blogs that centered around Club Penguin, as well as a RL blog and finally, my new love, a book blog.
I thoroughly enjoy blogging and have met so many fantastic people through wordpress that I really have no idea what I will do with all my time when I’m a granny and am far too old to be blogging (let’s not think about that…).

Anywho. What else can I tell you about myself? I do several subjects at school including English Advanced, General Maths, Ancient History and History Extension, Industrial Technology Multimedia and French Beginners. I enjoy most of my subjects, most of the time, though I hate maths with a passion. That would explain why I’d love to persue a career in Editing – a completely English based field! Ideally, I’d be an author, but I doubt I have enough money to do that at the moment.

Spiders and some bugs can turn me into a quivering mess, yet I love heights. I am addicted to being in the dark and I love small spaces. I’m germaphobic, and wash my hands 5 bajillion times a day (and I like to invent words), and am a horse rider. I have two dogs (Bindi and Chester) who are my replacement children because I detest kids with a passion. I’m an epic pessimist with a tendency to cheer people up with optimistic quotes.
I am a complete sci-fi and fantasy nerd (if you can name it, I’ve probably seen it – excluding star wars (don’t hate me for it!) and I’m not sure I’d survive if the world didn’t have Chai Lattes in it.

If you would like to know anything else about me, there should be a contact page up soon with my name all over it. 🙂 Feel free to chat to me there, or to pop over to my blog and say hello. 😀

So, now that you know almost enough to stalk me (well, perhaps not stalk…but I guess you could virtually woo me if you so chose…) I’ll tell you a bit about what I’m going to be doing here at ‘The Melody Blog’.
My segment is going to be called ‘Mellifluous Mondays’. Why, you may ask?
Well; Mellifluous, if you don’t already know, means ‘pleasing to the ear’ (ok, so it also means ‘of the consistency of honey, smooth and flowing’, but we’ll stick to the other definition. But, you see, because of my love of strange words and because this is the Melody Blog, we might as well have a segment that is in some way related to melodies. Thus, we have Mellifluous Monday.

As to what will be featured on my Mellifluous Mondays, well, that’s another story….

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t really worked that out yet, because it will be a mixture of bits and bobs and whosits and whatsits and all the other things that Ariel mentions in that song from the Little Mermaid.

So, until I actually decide what I’ll be throwing into the  now regular Mellifluous Monday, have a fantastic week. I have a feeling I won’t have access to a computer next Monday because I’ll be chilling it on the sunny beaches of New Caledonia for a week, but we’ll see.

Nice to meet you all,

– Sas

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Melody Sports 1st Edition – Duke and The NCAA

April 2, 2010 10 comments

“Coach K The Blue Devil?”

The Indianapolis Star newspaper apologized to Duke authorities after this Friday’s edition. The newspaper portrayed Duke’s Coach K doodled as the devil. The article was about “how most NCAA fans strongly dislike Duke’s program even when they weren’t in the 2010 NCAA championships.” To me, as not receiving the full story of how this happened from ESPN reporters, this seems as someone working within the Star newspaper editing team messed around with the first copy, doodling to his enemy of the court. Then without realizing he may have given it to the main copier where the 30,000 newspapers were distributed state wide through Indianapolis with “Coach K, The Blue Devil”.

Coach K responds to the paper “It is what it is. It’s very juvenile, we have great kids who go to school, who graduate. If we’re going to be despised or hated by anybody because we go to school and we want to win, you know what, that’s your problem. Then you have a problem, because we’re going to go to school and we’re going to try to win. You don’t like it? Keep drawing pictures. Just keep drawing pictures. Try to do them a little bit better than that, though.”

2010 NCCA Basketball – Duke vs West Virginia this Saturday at 8:45 pm ET, CBS.

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Dave Days and My First Video Coming Soon

April 2, 2010 6 comments

Hey guys. Miley Cyrus, I’m not a big fan but this awesome artist, Dave Days, on YouTube is. It’s a great song so I hope you enjoy it. I’m also thinking of making my own YouTube videos since this is all about entertainment (the blog). So send in some feedback.

What do you guys think I should do for my first video? Leave a comment.

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I’m Back, Did ‘Cha Miss Me?

March 31, 2010 9 comments

Hey peoples of where ever you are, it’s me and I’m back! I am enjoying my Spring break, may see a movie tomorrow with my family. Loving the weather, it hasn’t been so warm and nice out in a long time. In a few minutes I’m gonna have some potato and some kind of meat dinner. 😀

I’m obviously in a happy mood. Just wanted to let you know some things like my new friend Squishy from Tea Mouse (an awesome book review and more blog) has joined The [Melody] Crew. YUSS!! Second member! 😆 Maybe in a few days I’ll have a new little page set up for some of you guys to join the crew. Well, have fun and enjoy the site. It’s chock full of new videos, games, and music videos. Also, you may have noticed the new page… No?!? Well it’s the melody awards page, it’s under construction but in a week it’ll be open for submissions for entry of the contest in which you’ll win prizes like iTunes money and yada, yada, blah, blah cough, cough and I’m saying too much now. 🙂

How is your Spring break, or how was it if you already had it? Please tell me, I wanna know!

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Track and Field is Wicked

March 5, 2010 10 comments

What’s up guys. K, so first thing is I just want you guys to know in the last post I said I want more comments and views. What I meant was that I would like to have them, as a personal goal. I care about my blog quality and you guys more than the views. I just wanted to let you know that because a couple of you left me comments saying it’s alright to have low views and blah blah. Also take the poll to your right to select which one you want for a category in The (Melody) Awards.

So now you need to know what’s up with me? This week beginning on Monday to Thursday I had track and field tryouts for my school. Man, did they make us run! I tried out for sprinting (the other option was distance) and we did two 200’s (whole track), one 400 (whole track), and three 100’s (3/4 of the track) and about a mile for jogging/exercise.  So all together that was about 2 miles. But distance had a total of about 10 miles to do for tryouts! So this Friday (today) there was a paper taped up to the gym door wit the people who made it to the team. I was on the second half of the list that said I have to speak with Coach Kline or Coach Purnell so I did and they told me that I made it but we have something special to do since I and other people are on the half of the list. It’s probably to raise my grades up (which are B’s and a F). So I am excited! 😀 Here are some of my stats:

The 400 – Second Out of Three, 70 Seconds

The 200 – Second Out of Four, 31.5 Seconds

The 100 – First Out of Three, 11 seconds

1/2 a Mile – About 1.5 Minutes

For those stats I am a little above average for a sprinter! Whoo! I’m awesome… xD

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